Keno Vs Video Poker Comparison

Aside from entertainment, the possible amount of winning is always taken into consideration whenever you are choosing what game you should play. Nowadays, there are various games to select from. In this article, you will understand the differences and similarities of video keno vs video poker, which are two of the most popular games in the industry.

If you will compare the benefits that you can take home in video keno vs video poker, the prior gives off a greater deal on jackpots compared to the latter. This is contrary to what most of the players thought. It is presumed that the usual pokers are better source of jackpot, but this is a fallacy. Keno might be offering a low payback percentage but the game's payoffs are way better than the other. In addition to that, the odds to grab these prizes are higher in video keno.

To understand it better, take the royal flush for example. The probability of striking a royal in a particular game is around 410001 but the usual payoff is 800 for 1. On the other hand, there is an equivalent video keno that has an equal probability of 410001 but the standard payoff is 7000 for 1. This means that a single quarter for the first game is $1000 while the second game is $1750. The difference of the two games is quite high.

Another video keno vs video poker assessment is in terms of payoff percentage. For example, there is the JokerPoker that pays 200 coins for hitting on a jackpot with 10700 to 1 odds. Meanwhile, there is a corresponding video keno that gives 1600 coins for catching a jackpot with 7700 to 1 odds. Everyone will surely prefer the high chance on grabbing 1600 coins, which is not just doubled or tripled, but eight times of the first game's payoff.

Choosing the right game, however, still depends on your gaming preferences and strategies.