Differences in Keno Vs Bingo

There are so many games available around and some may look very identical. The truth is, each game has its own unique rules and features that will make it outstand from the rest. The same thing with what people think about keno and bingo. These games seem to be similar but they are actually not. This article discusses the comparison of keno vs bingo.

The terms of betting in keno and bingo are already different. Keno players may change their bets in every game. On the other hand, bingo players have a standard bet in every game since their chances of winning depends on a card at a specific amount. To increase the odds on winning, keno players can place a larger bet while the bingo players can add cards on a game.

If you will compare the player's control between keno vs bingo, it appears that keno players have a greater control on the game compared to the other. In keno, you are the one who picks the numbers you want. Meanwhile, the number combinations in your bingo card are pre-selected. In addition, keno players can use their chosen numbers for several games while bingo players can only use their cards for a particular game only. Therefore, strategizing the game is easier in keno compared to bingo.

To win in bingo, numbers are drawn until a player's card wins. Most of the time, there is just one winner per game. Set of numbers are also drawn in keno to determine the winner. Contrary to bingo, keno can have multiple winners especially if several people are able to luckily choose those winning numbers.

It may be hard to determine which game offers the larger prize in keno vs bingo. Both games offer handsome money prizes. Keno players have equal probabilities of winning and payouts. Also, keno players can have several bets on various combinations or set of numbers. In bingo, there is a prize for the player who wins a full bingo sheet and a different prize for the player who wins a complete row or column in the card.