Getting Started is Easy with Simple Keno Game Rules

Gambling comes in many different shapes and forms and although it isn't the most popular game in the casino, keno can be a lot of fun. Keno game rules are easy to learn and understand, too; if you have ever played the lottery or bingo, then you'll get the hang of it in no time.

The Objective and the Basics

The objective is to guess which out of 80 numbers will be called by marking spots with a crayon. Once this is done, you will submit them to the booth, or you may be able to give them to runners who will submit them for you even if you are sitting at a blackjack table across the establishment. It may take 20 or 30 minutes for this individual to register your ticket and return it to you, and it is always best to tip the runner after each round, even if you didn't win. In most establishments, you can compare the numbers you selected to those being drawn by focusing on a large light-up board with 1-80 clearly labeled.

Checking Your Ticket

Once the game is over and you think you have lost, don't tear up your ticket and forget about it. While the keno game rules are simple, sometimes it's easy to overlook a win and miss out on a nice chunk of change. It is always best to ask the keno runner to check your ticket, even if you think you lost. You never know if you may have missed something, and be sure to tip well if it turns out that you did win.

Keno game rules are simple, but it still might take you some time to get the hang of things. Watch others, play online for free, and keep in mind that the odds are always in favor of the house.