New Keno Android App

The popularity of keno has surged in recent years ever since it became available in the virtual world. What really gave it a recent boost however were the increased capabilities of mobile operating systems to run casino games easily, most with a free download option.

Whether you're playing on an iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, or android, you'll have a plethora of options to look through when it comes to casino applications in the marketplace. The most popular options so far however have been observed in the Android Play marketplace.

Keno Android App

This app makes the best of both worlds to deliver a realistic experience. This lotto like game not only brings results from various games in your local venues but also allows you the option to play within the application to learn more about its technicalities.

The gameplay options within the kenoapp include Heads or tails or the Classic version. The simulated game will allow you to see your numbers being drawn within the screen so you can review the results. The head and tails coin also be flipped to remain true to the original. If you want to play with randomized numbers then you can make use of the Kwikpik shaker feature.

Zombie keno

This is keno like you've never seen before. This amazing take on the game allows you to not only play this traditional and famous game but also kill zombies in the process. Add your friends to the game to make the most of the post-apocalyptic scenario. In some moments you can even use the zombies to your advantage by sticking hem onto your opponents as you blow your way through the game.

Egypt Keno

This application makes the most of a theme we have often seen in slot games. Nevertheless, it manages to pull it off effortlessly with some amazingly designed landscapes to deliver a fun and easy experience. You can play for real money on this app by betting anywhere between $1 and $0.01.