Having Fun with the Balloon Game

The Balloon Game almost functions like the Caveman Keno game but it uses five balloons instead of three eggs. This internet game is based from keno and is made by u1 Gaming, a multi-game machine creator. The Balloon game can be sighted in some Las Vegas casino club like Las Vegas Club, Dotty's Casino and Rampart. This game is both fun and thrilling because players are provided with multiple and frequent bonuses. These free credits that come randomly gives 0.5 % to the total return of the winnings. Listed below is how to play the Balloon Game:

  1. Choose 2 to 10 numbers between numbers 1 to 80
  2. The machine will choose 5 numbers from the remaining numbers and will mark them with balloons.
  3. The machine will pick 20 numbers between 1 to 80. As the game progress and choose numbers, it will tally the numbers that match the numbers chosen by the player and the marked balloons. The graphic balloon will pop if the machine choose a number that is marked by the balloon.
  4. The player will get his prize in terms of the amount of numbers caught and balloons popped.

Listed below are some tricks and analysis when the player chooses 2 to 10 numbers in a game.

  • Paytable: The paytable determines how much will the player get. The earnings are based from a maximum bet of $2. If the player bets less, the paytable will have little to give.
  • Combinations: Believe it or not, there are combinations of number that is seen during each win. And these combinations go accordingly with the number of catches and balloons popped.
  • The probability of winning comes with the amount of catches and number of balloons popped.
  • The return of the game or the winning that can be get plays between 95 % to 96 % of the money deposited in the game. The higher the number of combinations, the higher percentage of win.